Friday, December 7, 2012

October and Halloween 2012

 October was a fun month. It started out with Girls' Weekend for my mom, sisters, and sister-in-law. We all met up in Twin Falls, ID and had a wonderful few days visiting, eating, and shopping. Unfortunately I didn't get any pics from the weekend. The second weekend the girls and I went down to Caliente, NV to visit my parents (see next post for those pics). We did get our first snow in October. It wasn't much but the girls were incredibly excited and loved it!! Here are a couple of pics of their snow-fun!

The week before Halloween the girls and I went to This is the Place for their "Little Haunts" fun with our good friends the Christensens. The girls got to do a little early trick-or-treating, along with the usual fun stuff they like to do there (ie. ride the train, ride the horses, play at the play area, etc.)
E and I with our Halloween shirts. I tried to get B in the pic but she was being grumpy!

There's a play area at This is the Place that has a wooden train and some little houses for the kids to play in. We usual use that as our lunch eating spot. Anyway, while the kids were playing in one of the houses all of a sudden B comes out screaming and E was on her tail saying she bonked her head. I didn't think to much of it at first and just told B to come over to me. As she was on her way over another lady informed me that she was bleeding pretty badly from the back of her head. She enough B had a gash and it was bleeding a LOT. Luckily my friend, Allison, is a nurse and we got the bleeding to slow down, then gathered up the kids and I took B to the emergency room.She did really well, and was so brave. She ended up getting three staples.
B and her "headband". She thought she was pretty cool!
The gash with the three staples.
The staples stayed in for a week and she did really well with the whole thing.

Here is just a fun belly pic, I was about 25 weeks along.
Of course we can't forget the Halloween photos. The girls were University of Utah cheerleaders. They call them their "Go Utes" dresses. The trick or treating started at Jeff's office and then they also went around the neighborhood too 
My sister made this shirt for me and I used it as my costume!! I got tons of compliments on it. Thanks again Brenda!!

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