Friday, December 7, 2012

Caliente trip and Park to Park Pedal Extreme

 The second weekend of October the girls and I went to my home town to visit my parents and some of my family. We had a great weekend and the girls has a blast playing with their cousins. They LOVE visiting with Grandma and Papa and being able to walk pretty much anywhere we go in town. We got lucky that weekend also because a good number of my family was there as well, but more on that are a few pics from that weekend. (No they aren't really in order, I was getting too frustrated trying to get them all arranged and stuff that I just gave up!!)
Who needs fries?? Just DRINK the fry sauce (B)
My sister Vera made the girls a kitchen and they absolutely love it!
Helping Grandma make breakfast
The first day we were there is rained pretty good, E loved playing in the puddles!
The rain resulted in mud the next day, the girls were in heaven!! (E)
Helping take their kitchen out to the van the night before we left.
Can't forget this!!
No trip to Grandma and Papa's is complete without Rhino rides!!
Every time a train goes by this is the scene!!

The girls and their "Big Papa"

E and her Papa (I love this picture!!)

B reading to Grandma
Grandma reading to E
Poor E fell off the slide, this is a couple hours after it happened.
The main event of the weekend was the Park to Park Pedal Extreme Century Ride. Quite a few members of family have really gotten into bike riding (I'm hoping to join in once baby gets here!) Lincoln County, NV (where I grew up) held a century ride for the second year the second weekend of October. The full 100 mile ride goes through 4 Nevada State Parks (all within Lincoln County). My dad, my sister Vera, and my cousin Loren all rode the 100 miles. My mom and my sisters Marie and Brenda rode the 40 miles. It was incredibly inspiring for me and made me want to get into bike riding even more!! Here are a few pics from that day. Once again they're not in order :)

E doing after-ride stretched with Vera
E giving Aunt Vera hugs after the ride
My sister Marie coming by the cheering section
More stretches
The cheering section right out my parents back door
B and her cousin Veronica cheering!!
My sister Brenda and my mom going past the cheering section
Cheering section at the first rest stop

My dad, cousin Loren, and sister Vera going by the cheering section.
The girls with Grandma at the first rest stop

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