Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January 2009!!

I can't believe that January has practically come and gone. It's been a fast month. We haven't really had that many exciting things happen. We've had the usual time with friends and family, nights here at home relaxing, out running errands, etc.

One day was particularly special. Jan 15 was my (Jeanette) birthday. Jeff cooked one of my favorite dishes for dinner and then took me to the Desert Star Theater. We watched their production "Home School Musical". It was very funny and entertaining. We didn't order any food this time because we'd just had the big dinner. It was a good night and fun to get out. The next night some friends from our ward threw me a surprise b-day party, it was so much fun!!

Some other exciting news, Jeff and I have been released as Primary Teachers and have received new callings just this past Sunday. I am now the first counselor in the Young Women's and Jeff is an Assistant Ward Clerk, specifically working with the finances of the ward.

We are very excited for these new callings and new opportunities to serve in the ward!!

Here are some pictures of my birthday and a day that Jeff and I were at our brother and sister-in-law's house (Alma and Matti). Jeff is holding their new, handsome baby boy Oliver!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Go Utah Utes!!!

Go Utah Utes!!!

Well it is a proven fact now that Utah should be the best team in the nation going 13-0 this year. Well I was looking around and found a great website - MyTeamIsBetterThanYourTeam. This proves how Utah can, could beat every other team out there.

Utah is better than Boise St.

Utah is better than Oklahoma.

Utah is better than Florida.

Of course this website is flawed, in that it is easy to show how your team is better than the other by using the Flip it Option below. I have shown how Hope is better than Florida before - it only takes 29 rounds to show it, but it can't be done.