Saturday, September 19, 2009


Here are just some random photo's we have taken of the girls...enjoy :)

Copy Cats!! (Emmalyn left, Brooklyn right)
Stick 'em up!! (Emmalyn left, Brooklyn right)

One of my favorite faces that both girls do...I call them kissy faces. (Emmalyn)
Brooklyn sleeping on mommy!

Tummy Sleepers!!

Well it's official, ours girls LOVE to sleep on their tummies. I thought I would give them some tummy time one day since they both seemed to be wide awake after eating. So I put them both on their tummies and within 10 minutes they were both fast asleep!! At first I just figured they weren't as awake as I'd thought so I turned them over to wrap them up and put them in their crib, and they woke up, and stayed awake until I put them back on their tummies!! Too bad you're not suppose to let them sleep on their stomachs all night...Here are some pictures I took. (Brooklyn is in the purple, Emmalyn is in the pink)

I love when they pull their knees up and tuck them under themselves so their little bums are in the air!! They are such a blessing in our lives and it's so fun to watch them grow and develop.

Big Bed - Two Tiny girls

One morning I was getting some stuff done in the girls' room so we had left them on our bed to sleep after they ate. I thought they looked so tiny and cute I had to take some pictures!! Brooklyn is on the left Emmalyn is on the right :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Silly Sleepers

The other day I had the girls downstairs in their bouncers (one of the very few times Brooklyn tolerated it) while I was cleaning up. As I was passing by I noticed how they were each sleeping. It's actually a normal position for them, no matter how many times we try to reposition them (especially their heads) they always go right back to this...


If you notice their outfits, mostly in Emmalyn's picture, those are newborn sized outfits...still rather big!! But now the few pre-mi outfits we have are getting too small. So it looks like we've hit our first "in-between sizes" stage!! They have moved up to newborn size diapers though!!
We did take them to the pediatrician again yesterday. Both girls are still doing great and growing like crazy!! Emmalyn is now 6 lbs 3 oz and Brooklyn is now 6lbs 9 oz.
And here is one last picture I took this morning. They were both in our bed waiting for their food to be ready. Emmalyn is in the blue (they didn't have any girl colors the day those were bought!). I had them both cuddled, but I'm not a very pretty sight first thing in the I slid out to take the picture :)