Friday, August 6, 2010

Emmalyn and Brooklyn are ONE!!

I know I'm a week and a half over due for this, but things have been rather crazy and busy around here lately with two (at times three) little crawlers getting into things!! What has made it even worse is now both of my girls can pull themselves up on furniture and they're starting to cruise along the furniture too. YIKES!! :) Anyway, last week the girls had their first birthday. I can't believe time has gone by so fast!! Last Saturday we had a little party for them and they got lots of fun gifts. Today was their 1-year check-up and here are their stats:

Emmalyn - 19 lbs 3 oz, 29"
Brooklyn - 19 lbs 4 oz, 29"

They're really starting to catch up to other babies their age, and for being premies that's pretty awesome, they're doctor is very impressed! Anyway, here are some picture from their birthday and party. Enjoy!

Their birthday onsies my mom and I made them.

Gotta have ruffles :)

Opening presents!!

Enjoying all their new fun toys and clothes



The cake (compliments of Matti Smith)

The girls' "smash cakes"
(again compliments of Matti, I did help though)

Oh, pretty! (Brooklyn)

You want me to do what? (Emmalyn)

Mmm frosting! (Brooklyn)

All done (Emmalyn)

Happy Birthday girls, WE LOVE YOU!!!

(Pictures are compliments of Angela Stewart)


Within the last couple of weeks the girls have discovered the stairs and started trying to climb them right away. They now can both climb all the way up to the top of our stairs by themselves. We're working on teaching them how to go down, but it's a work-in-progress. For now we just have to keep a gate at the bottom of the stairs during the day, otherwise they would spend ALL their time on them and I'd really get nothing done!! here a few pictures we've taken of them.





Littlewood Reunion

The weekend of July 24th all of Jeff's side of the family came to Salt Lake for a reunion. We had lots of fun hanging out all of them and catching up on each others lives. It's been quite awhile since we've all been together. Here are a few pictures:

The girls on a frog at the Living Plant Aquarium.

Waiting to go see the animals at the zoo

Eating some lunch while at the zoo.

At the Day of 47 Rodeo
On July 24th we had a bbq with more of the extended family. Jeff's mom put us in charge of dessert so we got an early birthday cake for the girls. We went ahead and gave them each a piece of cake and here are the results:


Thanks again every one, we had a great time!!