Monday, February 25, 2008

We have returned...

Hello everyone,
We just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that we have made it home safely. We had a wonderful wedding, and would like to thank all our family and friends for coming and supporting us! The ceremony was beautiful and meaningful, the luncheon delicious and fun, and the reception beautiful and rewarding.
Our cruise was amazing, we had a blast and made some new friends! It's been a busy day for us today, getting settled in and trying to clean and organize our jam-packed apartment! Anyway, as soon as I get some time I will post up some pictures of everything!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our Story

How we met...
So one random Monday night, having nothing to do. We both had decided to attend an institute LDS college ward FHE (Family Home Evening) event. Jeff's friend Dustin had invited him to go play pool, I (Jeanette) decided to stop in and say hi to some friends (purposefully 45 minutes late). After saying hello to some friends I went to go get a drink, I passed through a room where there are pool tables, ping pong tables, even an air hockey table. After saying hello to Dustin, who at the time was in my ward and a Sunday School teacher, and him introducing me to his friend and roommate I headed on out to get a drink. Upon returning to the room, as I was passing these three guys again one of them (Jeff) said to me "You know you don't have to keep walking by, you can stop and talk to us." And so I did; best decision of my life! After chatting, laughing, playing some pool, even a game of air hockey or two, and some excessive flirting from the OTHER guy, Jeff and I were invited along with Dustin and his roommate to a pool hall to meet up with some friends. We accepted and headed over. We all rode together, even though we each had our own cars. Once to the pool hall Dustin's roommates proceeded to flirt and try to catch my attention. After being very annoyed and wanting to go and talk with the quiet one sitting over at the other table (Jeff) I finally was able to make my escape. I got up and headed to the table where Jeff was sitting and eating some chips and salsa. When I was about half way over there, he got up and walked away..yeah thats right, walked away. After being a little discouraged I decided to sit in his chair and began to eat some of his chips and salsa :). Finally he came back over and we started chatting, laughing, flirting, the usual. As it came time to leave we ended up heading back to the institute by ourselves. After arriving there we continued to talk for another hour or so. Which ended in Jeff asking me out for Friday night and getting my number. Yes that was the night that started it all. May 14, 2007 and the Taylorsville SLCC campus.

snow+truck=lots of fun :)
We ended up going on our first date only two days after we met. After discovering that Jeff would be having to keep his rental truck for a few more days, he called me and asked if I wanted to go out "off-roading" with him. I happily and excitedly accepted. So after work on Wed. May 16, 2007 Jeff came to my apartment and picked me up. Earlier that day he had asked me to choose either North or South. After finally choosing South, we headed for the freeway, and once on headed south to American Fork. He had decided to take me up American Fork Canyon. I had never been up there so I figured it would be a nice new adventure, and wow, was I in for a suprise!After stopping off at Wendys for a quick dinner, we proceeded up AF Canyon. After going on pavement for a while we finally hit some dirt road. We went up, winding through the hills for a few miles. We started to hit a few patches of snow here and there but figured we'd keep going. As we came around a corner we discovered a couple of people who were stuck...and by stuck I mean their jeep had slipped of the road. So after having our offer of assistance turned down we decided to wait around and chat with them and offer moral support. After about 25-30 minutes they got the jeep back onto the road. As Jeff and I headed back to the truck we decided this would be a good place to turn around and head back down the mountain. After getting the truck turned around, we started down ther trail that we had just come up. Jeff suddenly decided to get brave and daring ("It's a rental with the insurance on's indestructable" Jeff thinks), so he starts driving through some of the snow bank that are along the road, hitting some puddles and patches here and there. About five minutes, yes only five minutes, after we had started back down Jeff say a rather large snow bank to the right of the road and decided to plow through it. Well needless to say the "plowing" didn't turn out too well. We got most of the way through and suddenly became immobile. Jeff tried putting the truck in reverse and did his best to get the truck out, but to no avail. After about 15 minutes, the people in the jeep came around the corner and saw us. They stopped and offered their help, they tried to pull us out, but a 500lb jeep against a very stuck 2500lb truck didn't turn out so well. After considering our options, the couple in the jeep were kind enough to give us a ride abck to down. Boy that was a fun, exillerating ride.After getting dropped off at a gas station and Jeff being told repeatedly by tow truck companies that they won't go off of pavement after dark, Jeff called his friend Johnathan. Thankfully he was nice enough to come pick us up! After dropping us off at Jeff's and then Jeff dropping me off at my apartment around 2:00 am, it was the end of a very interesting first date...little did I know though, it was far from the end of our first a date!
As the next morning rolls around, I get a text message from Jeff at about 8:20ish asking if I would like to go meet the tow truck guy with him to go get the truck out (I didn't have to work until that afternoon). I figured I might as well, so he came over and we headed back down to Alpine, UT which is the city at the mouth of the canyon. After waiting for a good 45 minutes our tow truck driver finally showed up. We have nicknamed him Cletus because he never once told us his name during the whole duratino of things. We jump in Cletus's truck and head back up the mountain. After about 30 minutes of hearing how Cletus's truck is unstickable...yes unstickable, it's the word Cletus used...we finally got to Jeff's truck. So cletus gets out, examines the situation and decides he needs to turn his unstickable truck around and pull Jeff's truck out front-ways. So he backs down the road a bit, then goes off the road and into a creek bed. As he goes to pull up out of the creek bed his wheel starts spinning...yep, the "unstickable" truck is stuck! After digging the wheel in about 16" Cletus gets out, moves some stuff around, uses his tow truck gadgets and gets his truck out. So he backs up to Jeff's truck, hooks it up and pulls out Jeff's truck. Jeff goes to get into the truck and start starts great, but won't move anywhere, and makes a horrible noise when put in reverse. After trying a few times to get the truck to go somewhere Cletus offers to tow the truck down ther mountain. Since we didn't seem to have any other option we accepted. As Cletus goes to work hooking up the truck Jeff and I stand knowing what to think or do! As Cletus is finishing up, he comes around the truck and graciously informed us that he right rear tire is low, but assures us that he will take his truck down on the rims if he has to. So we pile back into the tow truck and head down the hill. We got going along quite nicely when Cletus hits a bump harder than planned. Suddenly we notice that the two truck now feels 2500 lbs lighter. We glanced behind us, only to realize that Jeff's truck had been knocked off and was now sitting in the middle of the road with the black rubber part of the bumper partially ripped off and the right front tire completely flat and shredded. After laughing it off and Cletus offering to take us back down and then bring his flat-bed truck up to retrieve Jeff's truck, we finally got back to Alpine around 2:00. I have to be to work by 3:00 and Jeff and I get back to my house around 2:45. After offering to bring me dinner to work, he headed home to get things taken care of and I change and go to work. As you can very well see, it was a very interesting first date...and no it's so crazy that you can't make that up!Many people have asked me, after hearing this story, why I accepted a second date from him, and I can only say that Jeff impressed me. After being around men with short tempers and not being able to keep their cool for very long...Jeff "wowed" me with his ablility to laugh this whole things off. He enjoyed every minute of it and never once lost his cool. He got things done and smiled while he did it. And now here we are 8 months later, getting married in just less than a month!

oh what a night!
On the night of November 16 (our 6-month anniversary) Jeff arrived at my house looking very hansome. He wore a pair of light blue jeans, one of my favorite shirts that we had purchased together, and a tan sports coat (this plays in later on ;) ). I was wearing a new pair of cute brown pants and an orange-striped, collared shirt. After getting everything together and ready we headed out in his car.
I should explain that Jeff very commonly doesn't tell me where he's taking me when we go out on dates that he plans. So I was completely clueless as to where we were going. So after driving downtown we eventually arrived at Temple Square. We parked underneath the Joseph Smith Memorial building and heading to The Lion House for dinner.
After a delicious dinner, we started walking through temple sqaure and went over to the conference center. Once we arrived we went to the ticket office and he picked up our previously ordered tickets to the production of "Savior of the World" that was being performed that evening. We still had a couplef ot hours to kill so we headed back to Temple Square. We stopped in at the North Visitors center and started chatting with a very kind sister missionary. We ended up talking to her most of the time. Once we excused ourselves we looked around a bit and then headed for the conference center.
Once there, we headed to the theater and once we got in the doors, found our seats, and got comfy. Throughout the play Jeff was very sweet and kind, holding my hand, scrathcing my back, etc. I had noticed a strange shaped box in his jacket pocket, but just ignored it...hopping it was what I thought it was, but not wanting to expect it.
After the play we stopped and talked to an old friend of Jeff's that happened to be in the play. We eventually headed back to the car. On our way we passed the reflection pool, headed up the hill where the water runs down. When we got to the top and by tthe big square fountain that shoots up, right by a statue of Joseph Smith proposing to Emma, he stopped me and turned towards me and pulled in for a hug and a kiss. He pulled back and took my hand and said to me "It was here three months ago that I decided you were the one I want to marry. Jeanette, will you marry me?" With huge smile on my face and my heart beating a million times a minute, I immediately accepted.
Jeff and I are to be sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City temple on Saturday, February 16, 2008 (our 9-month anniversary). I love him with all my heart, more than I ever thought I could love a person. I am eternally grateful to my Father in Heaven for bringing this amazingly wonderful man into my life and blessing me with his life. I can't wait to be with him forever!!!

For those of you that have visited our wedding page this will all look familiar...Thanks to my sister Vera, instead of retyping everything she gave me the idea to just copy and paste it!

Monday, February 11, 2008

5 days...and counting!!!

OKay so it's just a really restless night for me for some reason. I just thought I'd write a few things down and try to clear me head. First off, our wedding is in just 5 days! I couldn't be more excited...for it to be over with :) haha just kidding, okay only half kidding. I am excited for the day to be here and to be sealed together for eternity, but all this planning stuff has about sent me over the edge as far as stress! But it's coming down to the wire and we really don't have that much to do. I almost think that I'm having more anxiety because of the fact that I DON'T have that much to do...who knows!
Secondly I'm just thinking about Jeff and how much I love him. I really need to write our stories of how we met and out first date and stuff on here, but I'm not quite THAT restless. I will some day though.
Third, I've decided I'm ready for a vacation! (a.k.a. our cruise) I time when I can just sit back and relax and not have a worry or care in the world. It's been a long past few months, but it's all paying off come this weekend.
Anyway...I know it's not much but it has helped clear some thoughts and now my drier is done so I can finish the last of the laundry and call it a day.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Only two weeks left!

Hey everyone,
I have a few minutes and I just wanted to update everyone. Things are coming along nicely with wedding plans. I've been trying my hardest not to stress, but it doesn't always work. I am happy to say that we've got almost everything ready, purchased, and taken care of, except for the food! But that won't be hard to get.
I'm getting to excited for our day to be can't seem to be coming fast enough. Parts of me just wants it done and over with, other parts are still having a hard time imagining having someone else as a permanant part of my life, but I love Jeff with all my heart and I couldn't have asked for a better second half!
Hope all is well with everyone else, I can't wait to see those that will be coming to the wedding in just 2 weeks!