Monday, September 17, 2012

August 2012

August was a busy but good month!! To start off a great month we made an exciting announcement. Here is the pick we took and sent out...
Yes, there is only ONE baby in there :)
The girls have been so excited about the baby in Mommies tummy. B loved to "give kisses and tickles" to the baby. I keep trying to ask them if it's a girl or boy, but I get mixed/different answers almost every time I ask. So I guess we'll just have to wait for the ultra sound!

Another exciting event is that we moved!! Jeff was hired on permanently at Ceridian, the same company he's been temping at for awhile now. We found a great home in Midvale/Sandy, UT to rent for a few years. It has a lot of room (plenty for our growing family!), a back yard, and we are loving it!! The neighborhood has been great so far, we have kids living just a few houses away and we have played a lot!!

The move was rather hectic, so I didn't get any pictures accept this one of B lining up some screw drivers. She is very meticulous and precise when she does things like this!
Towards the end of August my parents came up and stayed with us for a weekend. My amazing Dad participated in the Front Runner Century Ride (a 100 mile bike ride). The Friday evening before the ride my dad checked-in for the ride at the Gateway Mall. So we went out to dinner with my brother and his family then we went and wondered around the mall for a little while.
Daddy's girls!!
On the day of the bike ride we decided to ride the Front Runner train up to Ogden to meet my dad at the end of his ride (the century ride went from Salt Lake to Ogden). The girls thought riding on the train was pretty awesome, add Grandma and Papa in the mix and it was a fabulous day for them!!

E watching the "scenery" go by.

B drawing with Grandma!

It was a great weekend and we had a lot of fun spending time with my parents!! The girls sure love their Grandma and Papa. They often "talk to Papa" on their play phones and ask quite often if we can go to Papa and Grandma's house!!
Getting tickles from Papa!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

July 2012

July was a good month, lots of fun best of all a birthday!!

First I'll start with the week of July 4th. I took the girls down to Caliente to see my parents. I also love the celebration and festivities that Caliente does on July 4th. Unfortunately I was too busy having fun with everything going on that I didn't get many pictures of all the stuff we did. If I can some from my dad then I'll add them :) Here are some pics from our adventures down there.
The girls helping my mom make a cake

The beautiful view down one of the canyons out of Caliente
The girls throwing rocks into a pond/irrigation ditch

The girls found the perfect spot to watch trains go by, don't forget the awesome cinder block chair!!

Playing on the swings
B helping Grandma drive the Rhino

We also just had a lot of random fun playing in the backyard, going on outings with friends, and just enjoying the summer. 

Jeff was knocking dead branches off the tree, B found this nice big one to play with

E and her "campfire"
Water fun!!
One day we got a nice little rainstorm and the girls actually went outside with me so I showed them how to catch raindrops on their tongues!!

At the end of the month we celebrated the girls' 3rd birthday...I can't believe they're THREE!!! Where has the time gone?! We celebrated by having a few friends over and having a fun water party, hot dogs, and cupcake decorating. The girls had a blast and still talk about it!!
The kiddos playing in the pools!!
The girls' cupcakes with their candles

All the kiddos decorating their individual cupcakes
Opening presents!!

June 2012

June was a good month, unfortunately I don't seem to have many pictures of things we did!! But here are a few that I found

B nice and comfy playing on her "laptop"


We did make at least one trip to the zoo that month (though with a pass we go quite often!) and here are a few pictures I got from that particular trip.
Handing the birds a donation after the bird show

E watching the Sea Lion

watching the harbor seals

My little Monkey playing in the monkey house!

This is their new favorite spot to have their picture taken, the birds nest

E getting up close and personal with the polar bear