Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good News!

Jeff got a job!! He actually started a week and a half ago, but I just haven't had time to sit and blog. There were some reservations about it in the beginning (still a few there, like no benefits) but it's turning out to be really good for him. He's learning new skills and getting more experience to add to his resume, and he's enjoying the work as well. The girls have adjusted fairly well. The first few days he was gone they'd yell up the stairs for him (which was normal) and I'd have to tell them he wasn't up there. They'd be a little sad but then go on. They're definitely excited to see him when he comes home and generally don't want much to do with me in the evenings.

The girls are doing really well and learning new words every day. It just amazes me what they pick up on and learn. It seems like they say a new word about every other day, if not every day. We finally signed up for a trial thing of Netflix and one day the girls were being particularly cranky so I was looking for a show for them to watch and saw Blues Clues. I put it on for them and they were hooked immediately. They already know some of the actions of the songs and can occasionally point out a clue. We've been working on shapes lately, but when you first show/draw a shape they always say circle, so whenever the guy is drawing the clues they'll shout out "Circle!" They're also interacting and playing with each other a LOT more, which some days is good and others not so much. I try not to "categorize" or label the girls and their personalities, but Emmalyn tends to be the more bossy/authoritative one. It's kind of funny to watch as she tries to boss Brooklyn around, or even other people, like today in church when someone was standing up she looked right at them and said "Sit down!" rather loudly. Brooklyn also is very strong, but she's the more passive one, unless you REALLY get in her way. You know when she's had enough and has no problem tackling Emmalyn to the floor. They both love to "help" whether it's cleaning, putting things away, or anything that I will actually let them help with, and what I won't let them directly help with they'll mimic what I do. They're both generally just very happy and fun girls. I'm so blessed to have such amazing daughters.

As for myself there's really not much to report. Right after Jeff started his job I actually got offered a job, but after a lot of praying and discussing things with Jeff we decided it would be best for me to still stay home with the girls full time. I've had quite a bit of cabin lately, and the moodiness of the weather has not been helping. I watch the weather closely and anticipate the warm days and always try to plan outings with the girls. We've been the zoo a few times, and I'm currently in the process of trying to clean out the patio area we have in the back of our town home and making it more kid friendly and ready for some summer days playing out there. As you can see in the first picture below...the girls were great helpers!

Another thing the girls have started doing is trying to dress themselves. It's really cute what they end up with some times. Here's an example...
Those are actually shirts that Emmalyn apparently thought worked better as a skirt and whatever they may be around her feet.