Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Last week while we were in Caliente (see next post) we took an afternoon and went to Kershaw Ryan State Park and had a picnic with Cory, Melissa, their boys, and our nephew Tyler. Brooklyn happened to come down with a fever just before we left so she stayed home and rested with Grandma, but the boys and Emmalyn all had a blast playing in the little "pool" they have their and us adults had fun chatting and relaxing. Here are some pictures..
Relaxing in the shade, getting ready to eat

Emmalyn kickin back and relaxing

Emmalyn and Tyler

She LOVES the water and playing in it


Last week the girls and I were able to go down to my hometown, Caliente, NV, and help my parents out after my mom had knee surgery. We had a great time visiting with them and Cory, Melissa and their boys. It was great to have Emmalyn and Brooklyn be able to spend some good quality time with their Grandma and Grandpa Smith, since we don't really get to see them all that often. Anyway, here are some pictures of the girls and some of their adventures down there. They're in no particular order, but enjoy :)
Emmalyn playing her cousin Samantha's piano

Emmalyn playing with her cereal bowl...good thing she was due for a bath that night anyway!!

Emmalyn chillin in the high chair...doesn't look comfortable to be, but to each their own!!

Emmalyn got herself stuck under the rocking chair

Emmalyn riding with Grandma, she actually figured out how to get it to move

She already knows how to make "forts" :)

One night when my dad came home from work both girls wanted nothing to do with my mom or me, all they wanted was their Grandpa!!

Enjoying a carrot

They loved reading books with Grandma

The girls with their cousins Hudson and Sawyer
Believe or not Sawyer (the one in white) is only 6 months old!

Brooklyn playing with Grandma's "Get Well" balloon from aunt Vera.

Emmalyn playing with Grandma's walker

Brooklyn playing with Hudson

Once again, it was a great week and the girls had lots of fun. Thank you Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandpa) for letting us come down and stay with you!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Double Trouble

People often ask me if twins are harder and then, after realizing they're our first, make comments like "Well I guess you wouldn't know the difference, would you?" Well I have news for you!! I can definitely "tell a difference" between having one baby and having two. Here are a few examples:

With one baby when he/she is sick you can focus on that one baby and take care of him/her - when you have twins you still have another baby to take care of and try to prevent from getting sick.

With one baby once that baby is asleep you can sit and relax, take a nap, etc. - when you have twins you still have another baby to try and get to go to sleep before the other one wakes up.

With one baby you only have two hands to keep from getting into things - with twins you have four.

I could go on, but I think those can give you a pretty good idea on things, but even with all of that I wouldn't trade my beautiful little girls for anything. Yes they can drive me crazy at times (especially with their latest favorite noise, a VERY high pitched squeal) but all they have to do is flash me their irresistible, adorable smiles and my heart melts every time. Here's a list of all the good stuff about having twins:

Double the cuteness
Double the love
Double the learning
Double the fun

With both girls being fully mobile now the baby proofing has gone into high gear. It seems like they learn something new every day and also something new to get in to. Here are some pictures to show their new "talents"

Brooklyn's new favorite thing to do - "climb" over things...including her sister

Oh yeah, they cleaned out that shelf in a matter of seconds

They love to take the covers off of the nightlights

Emmalyn got all tuckered out after swimming

One nice thing they've learned - holding their own bottles.
The third little girl, Emersyn, gets to come play with us in the mornings :)

This pillow used to block the diapers and wipes from the girls' hands, that is until Brooklyn found out she could climb up over the pillow!

I still don't know how she managed this one, but she got her head stuck under the couch, and yes I was a "mean mom" and took a picture before rescuing her :)

She loves to crawl into the bottom of the exersaucer and play/lounge

But when all is said and done, she loves to snuggle and have naps with Mom and/or Dad.

She LOVES to walk as you hold her hands, as you can tell by that big grin on her face!

Practicing standing up...she's sooo close.

Her hair is finally long enough to do some cute little pigtails!
And this is the cuteness that follows a day of pigtails and then sleeping.
We just can't get enough of these adorable little girls. They are usually very happy and content babies and melt the hearts of everyone around them. They are very social and love to get out of the house with us to run errands, go for walks, etc.