Monday, January 25, 2010

One busy woman!!

As I've mentioned before I babysit another little girl during the day, Mon-Fri. On most days it's not too bad...yes I feel like I'm constantly making bottles, changing diapers, and feeding babies but when I get them on a good rotation it all can go pretty smoothly. Then there are days when one or two or all three babies just feel like being little pills. Just recently all three of them were going through growth spurts...that was an interesting couple of days. I had three seemingly-constant hungry babies and all three cranky. Not to mention that my girls were once again waking up anywhere between 3:30 and 4:30 in the morning wanting MORE food. Luckily those days have passed, for now...until the next growth spurt or sickness hits. As I said before though, most days go relatively smoothly. On one of those not-so-smooth days I had all three babies hungry and wanting food all at once (which surprisingly doesn't really happen all that I said, it's all about the rotation I can get them on). So Jeff came down the stairs to this...

Needless to say, I passed limits that I never though I'd be able to. Granted it's not something I want to do extremely often, or even at all. But when it has to be done, it has to be done. If nothing else I'm getting a glimpse at what it would've been like if I hadn't miscarried the triplet we had. I think the Lord knew my limits of sanity!!

People ask me all the time how many bottles I go through in a day. Well for those inquiring minds here you are...

That's just on a normal day...I've had days when there are more and very few days that are less. But every night this is what the top rack of my dishwasher looks like...relatively anyway.

I know people say that I shouldn't wish for the girls to grow up too fast, but there is one thing that I'm rather anxious for them to learn...
...holding their own bottles. They've done it a few times, but not on purpose. My brother Neal was staying with us for a few days and Emmalyn decided she wanted to hold/support her own bottle, so I took a quick picture!!

It was so great to have Neal here with us for a few days. He's leaving for his mission to Brazil the first part of February so it was really nice to spend some extra time with him before he goes. Plus he was a huge help to me with the three girls during the day and gave us an excuse to cook some food that we don't cook on a normal basis!! Here is a fun picture of Emmalyn and Neal...Emmalyn was very tired but fighting the sleep, so she sat like this...
...just staring at Neal for a good 10-15 minutes. It was so cute. She'd never smile or anything she just sat and stared at him!!
Thanks again Neal for coming and playing with us!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas 2009

We spent Christmas this year down in Caliente, NV (my home town). Jeff and I went down the night of the 23rd. My sister Vera was already there with my parents and my little brother Neal. Everyone else came down on the 26th. Yes all 27 (plus one that was just born a few days ago, and one more still on the way) of us were together. It's always such a crazy and hectic but fun time when we're all together.

We got some great stuff for Christmas and the girls got a little spoiled. From us they got some 3-6 months clothing because they didn't have hardly any at all!! They also got lots of toys, books, etc. We actually purchased a laptop as our big family gift, but Jeff got me some sweats, gloves, and a box of chocolates. I got him a game that he's been wanting for some time. Here are some picture from our Christmas of 2009!!

I can rip my own wrapping paper, thank you!!

Each girl got an adorable onsie from their aunt Vera.
They're a bit big but they'll grow into them just in time to wear short sleeves again :)

Playing with the aunt Vera.

Playing with their uncle Neal.
(The girls had been in matching outfits, but Brooklyn had a blowout!)

The girls were a HUGE with a lot of their cousins. We were constantly being asked if they could hold the babies. Most of them even knew that they had to wash their hands first. It was really cute to watch!!
Their oldest cousin Veronica

I can't tell which of Marie's twins that is, but she's holding Emmalyn.

And that's the other one holding Brooklyn.

Brenda's little boy Deker, just over a year old, was obsessed with the girls. Anytime he was in the room with them he wanted to be holding on of them. It was so cute!! Hopefully he'll still feel that way when Brenda has her baby.

Hafen and Hudson adored them as well, Hafen especially. He was even really good at telling the girls apart. Every time they came over to the house the first thing Hafen would do is ask where the girls were or, if they were already in the room, if he could hold one.

We had a great down there in Caliente and the girls actually did pretty well with the traveling and stuff. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family and for the bond that we all have. Thanks everyone for a great time!!

So many things, so little time...

Yes it has been awhile since I've been on here, but I've been one busy woman. So I decided I'm just gonna do one quick post with some random updates of whats been going on. They won't be in chronological order because I'm just too tired to care right now :)

Last week I decided to try giving the girls some rice cereal -

The results:
Brooklyn took right to it and eats more and more every time!

Emmalyn's not a fan. She'll open up the first couple of times I put the spoon to her mouth, but once she realizes what it is she spits it out and won't open up for it at all!!

We spent Thanksgiving here in SLC with Jeff's mom, sister, and grandma. It was a nice relaxing day with TONS of food! Here is just a cute picture of Jeff playing with Emmalyn. She's always been really good about holding up her head. When she was just a few days old Jeff was holding her up on his chest and she lifted her head up and moved it to the other side. Brooklyn is getting there, she can hold her head up, but it always leans to the one side so we're trying to work with her on strengthening the other side.

One great thing that has happened is I was able to quit my job at the State Office of Education and stay home with the girls. In doing that I now get a glimpse, Monday - Friday, of what it would've been like if I wouldn't have miscarried the triplet we had. I babysit the little girl of some friends of ours. She's exactly 2 months and 1 day younger than our girls (her mom was due 5 days after me). Some days I wonder what I was thinking, but I manage and I look forward do the days when they're best friends and all play together!!

Jeff's mom found and bought these adorable Christmas dresses for the girls. I must proudly point out their bows...I made them!! (not the headbands, just the bows)

In the last couple of weeks, Brooklyn and Emmalyn have become very aware of each other. It is so cute to watch!! They'll look at each other and smile. They'll even occasionally "talk" to each other. I love watching them interact with each other. Here's a cute picture we got of them holding hands one day...I know it wasn't on purpose, but it's still cute nonetheless!!

Back in the beginning of December our ward had a Christmas party that, of course, involved Santa and Mrs. Clause. The girls were actually still being pretty good (it was past their bed time) so we took them on up to get a picture!

Anyway, there's just a few random updates on whats been going on around here. Jeff is still working for Convergys and has been really busy with a new implementation that was recently done with the software that he supports. He's been averaging at least one 5-6 hour phone call almost every day.
Another bit of news is that we have listed our town home for sale. We've had a couple of lookers but that's it. We have looked at a few houses for us, but have decided to kind of hold off on that until we start getting a little more action on our house. But we are hoping that we'll be able to sell soon, I can only imagine how much smaller this place is going to seem with I have two little rug rats crawling/walking around!!
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years...I can't believe it's already 2010!!