Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween 2011

The girls had a great Halloween and got WAY too much candy, in my opinion :) This is the first year they were really able to get into it and it was fun to watch. They always made sure they both got candy, which a lot of times meant they both got double the amount of candy. We start out in the morning going to where I used to work, before they were born. It was good to see everyone and visit with some friends I haven't talked to in awhile. For that particular trick or treating trip Brooklyn was a little pirate and Emmalyn was a cow girl!

Later that afternoon the girls and I went to Jeff's work and enjoyed another round of trick or treating. At one cubicle the guy offered the girls either an apple or a piece of candy. At first the girls both chose an apple, but then decided they also wanted a piece of candy, but then they munched on the apple the rest of the time we were walking around. The girls decided to switch costumes so this time Emmalyn was the pirate and Brooklyn was the cowgirl.

That evening we went to our wards trunk or treat, that was a lot of fun, and I "borrowed" some of the girls candy from earlier to pass out to the other kids in the ward/neighborhood. I didn't get any pictures there because I was busy handing out candy. We ran our of candy a lot sooner than we thought, so we decided to take the girls out to their grandma's house to show off their cuteness :) We took them to a few houses in Jeff's mom's neighborhood, but the girls tired out quickly. When we got back to their grandma's house they realized what was happening when other kids were coming to the door and thought it was the best thing ever. They LOVED handing out candy to the other kids that came. They would wait at the door and get so excited when kids started walking up the driveway. It was really cute to watch!