Monday, May 28, 2012

May 2012

May has been a fun month. The weather has been crazy, warm one day cold and rainy the next. But we've been having a lot of fun.

Playing the the trampoline
 I signed the girls up for swim lessons. The glass was basically just an introductory to water without mom or dad...the LOVED it.
E on her first day

B was a little nervous at first

Finding the "fishies" in the water
 We went to This is The Place with our great friends the Christensen's. We have started our weekly outings with them again and we always look forward to it.
Riding the horsies!!

Petting the lambs
B and her cheesiness
E acting a little nervous

 And a few other random things we've done this month!!
playing in their pool in the backyard

Helping make their Grandma's birthday cake.

Helping Daddy wash the cars!

B - a worn out little Princess!

April 2012

April was a good month filled with lots of warm weather, which means getting out of the house and having a lots of fun in the sun!!

What kid doesn't love bubbles?! 
 One day we met up with our friends Angela and Emersyn at the zoo. I used to babysat Emersyn since she was 3 months old, but once we moved it didn't work for either party anymore. We sure do miss seeing them every day!!

Check out that Crocodile
 Here are some other random pics from April.

"Hiding" under Mom and Dad's bed

Watching Daddy mow the lawn

Enjoying lunch with some of our favorite people at Thanksgiving Point.
 One of Jeff's cousin had a little baby boy towards the end of the month. The girls LOVE babies and were very excited to hold him.
E holding Crew
B holding Crew

March 2012

March started out crazy!! Our townhouse sale finally went through, and we moved into Jeff's Mom's house. Brooklyn  had a hard time at first, but quickly adjusted. Emmalyn did fine at first but after a week or so she started crying and begging to "go home". They're doing great now and love doing stuff with their Grandmas (Jeff's mom and grandma)

Brooklyn wearing a pair of Mommy's boots.

We had a pretty decent day so I took the girls up to the zoo. Here's Emmalyn watching the elephants, they especially loved the baby Zuri.

Jeff was contacted by the company he was working with over the holidays and they wanted him to go back on another contract. We were very excited, Jeff loved working there (Ceridian) and was excited to go back.

The last weekend of March I took the girls down to my parents house in Caliente. They love their Papa and Grandma, and buddied right up to Neal. They LOVE seeing all the trains being able to walk just about anywhere! Here a few pictures from that weekend.

E pushing Neal on the swing

Neal, Papa, and Brooklyn swinging
E and Grandma at the park
The girls watching a movie on Neal's laptop while we watching General Conference
B's favorite game down there - stuff as many things (in this pic cars) in that barn as possible!!

What's better than swinging and watching a train some in at the same time?

Helping Neal do the dishes
E playing with Papa

E getting Neal
Grandma giving Brooklyn tickles


Doing dishes with Papa and Great Papa
Racing with Neal
Watching yet another train with Neal!

February 2012

February started out a little rough with Jeff having emergency surgery to have his appendix removed. It was a crazy weekend and it took him a couple of weeks to recover (his appendix was higher up and in a weird place so they had to "dig" a little for it). The middle of the month my "little" brother, Neal, came home from his mission. The girls did remember him, but quickly became buddies with him. They were really excited to see Papa and Grandma though!!

I couple of weeks after Neal came home we all went to Caliente to celebrate his coming home. The girls LOVE going to Papa's house and seeing all the trains. I didn't get very many pictures of that weekend, but here are a couple from when Aunt Vera took us all out for ice cream.

The end of February was busy with cleaning, de-cluttering, and packing. Here are my two little helpers that got their own shoes on and came out to help me put some stuff in the van.