Thursday, August 11, 2011

Two 2yo's

I know I'm a couple weeks late on this, but better late than never!!

Emmalyn and Brooklyn have turned 2. I can't believe it's already been two years since these angels joined our family. It has been a wonderful learning experience and they have taught me so much! This year was still kind of uneventful, the girls didn't really get it, which was quite obvious when walked into their room the morning of their birthday singing to them and they just looked at us like we were crazy! But we still had fun! This is what the girls came downstairs to.

Here are a few pictures from their party.

Enjoying some hamburgers and hot dogs!

Opening presents!

Brooklyn showing off her new dress!


Emmalyn mutilating...I mean opening...a card.

Emmalyn playing peekaboo with a gift bag

A Broom!


Cake time!! I forgot to take a picture of the cake, but oh well. Brooklyn freaked out while the candle was lit, but once we blew it out and she realized it was cake she was fine!

Nothing ends a party like BUBBLES!! The girls love bubbles and they know right where Grandma keeps them in her garage. So of course we had to bring them out and indulge the girls.

Emmalyn chasing the bubbles


Brooklyn blowing her own bubbles, she's actually quite good at it!

Although the girls are identical in the genetic/medical world, they are total opposites in personality, temperament, expression, etc.

Emmalyn is spunky and bossy! She extremely expressive and very talkative. She likes to think she's queen bee around here (and everywhere) and never hesitates to tell you what you're suppose to do or not do. She is very sweet, loving, and friendly to pretty much anyone she sees.

Brooklyn is our strong, silent type of girl. She loves to play "rough" and pounce/lay on her sister all the time. She's very curious about everything and is very good at taking things apart (she took a pen apart that she was drawing with and by the time we caught her is was in about 5 pieces). She loves to help us do anything that we'll let her help with, and is always quick to give cuddles.

Both girls love animals and being outside, especially if water is involved (unless it's rain or snow). The love to go to the park to swing and go down slides.

Happy Birthday Emmalyn and Brooklyn, we love you so much!!