Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weekend(night) with Mori...

So this past weekend all of my sisters, sisters-in-law, and my mom got together for a girls weekend...I put weeknight in the title because I was only able to make it for Friday night, which was a blast and I'm glad I was able to make that much of it!!!

Just in that one night I was there we did a lot of eating, talking, eating, playing, eating, laughing...did I mention eating...yes we Smith girls REALLY now how to eat. And one thing we all share in common is that we also love to cook!

Anyway, as an explanation to the "Mori" part, we played the game's a blast, if you've never played it I suggest you give it a go! Anyway, on the game board you write down the names of each of the players and you basically read pre-made questions and answers about the individual the piece lands on and everyone puts down the number that goes with the answer of what they thing most fits the person in question. So at one point the piece landed on "Mom" but in the passing around of cards, rolling of dice, etc a part of the name got rubbed at that point Mom leaned over and asked "I'm wondering who Mori is" which made us all erupt into was great! So the rest of the weekend (night for me) we referred to my mom as Mori!!! And I'm betting it's going to stick for quite awhile :)

Well I've put some pictures down below of the event, well the past that I was there for anyway! I love my family and the closeness that we all share!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Small step for some, HUGE step for us...

Hello everyone,
Yes it's been awhile, but we really haven't had much to report...and now WE DO!!! For the past little while we've been looking around for a new apartment and while looking in a housing book we found that our bishop from our singles ward is a real estate agent. So after much deliberation we decided to meet with him just to kind of see where we stand financially in the house purchasing world. Next thing we knew we were out looking at some places that our realtor had found, and then suddenly we were signing papers, initialing in all the right spots, and making an offer on a townhome.
The offering and countering went back and forth a couple of times between us and the seller, but today our last offer was accepted! So after tonight we will officially be under contract and on our way to buying our very first home.
Some quick details about the place (since we have no pictures):
992 Sq Ft
Two bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths
Two floors
Complete with laudry room, back porch area, small storage shed, and two covered parking stalls right outside our back door!!!

We are getting so excited to get started in making this place ours...of course we can't start until everything final and the others get out, but still. Those of you who know me (Jeanette), you know that I love interior decorating and have been envisioning the changes we can make and the things we can do to make the place our own!