Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh how they've grown.

This post is in honor of Brooklyn and Emmalyn's 6-month "birthday". Yes I know I'm nearly a month late, but hey...I'm a busy woman!! Anyway their pediatrician was very impressed with their growth at their check up. Here were their stats:

Emmalyn - 13 lbs 7 oz, 25 in
Brooklyn - 14 lbs 1 oz, 25 in
They are in the 25th percentile measuring with other 6 month olds and the 75th percentile with other 4 month olds, their gestational age.

To show how much these girls have grown we "recreated" some of the pictures that we took of them while they were in the NICU right after they were born.

Theirs hands on Jeff's finger(s)

The girls on Jeff's lap

Me holding Emmalyn

Emmalyn has gotten over her ear infection and is back to her normal self, and then some!! Her appetite has sky-rocketed and has finally taken to rice cereal. Both girls are getting rice cereal and fruits/veggies twice a day along with some juice or water.

Both girls have rolled from their stomachs to their backs and will do it randomly. They're getting really close to rolling the other way but still haven't quite gotten the hang of it. They're starting to sit up on their own, but still have quite a ways to go with that one. They continue to love to just lay on the floor with a few toys to chew on and jabber away. Here are a few more pictures...

Brooklyn and I with my brother Neal, just hours before he went in the MTC

The girls playing/snuggling with Daddy

Brooklyn trying to eat Emmalyn's fingers



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A rough, trying week

It's been a bit of a rough week here in our house. Last Wednesday (2/3) we took the girls in for their 6-month check up (stats coming soon). Emmalyn had had a little fever the night before but it had gone back down and was going just fine. So they went ahead and gave her the regular shots, along with the two flu shots (seasonal and swine). The rest of that day was rough, which was expected. Both girls had slight fevers and were cranky with sore legs.

Thursday Brooklyn was mostly back to normal, though a little sleepy, but Emmalyn was running a rather high fever (constantly in the 101-102 range). I gave her Tylenol, let her soak in a bath, let her sleep, etc. But to no avail, she continued to run a fever and was unusually cranky and wanting to be held constantly. I called the doctors office and they said that it was just the normal side effects from the shots. So we just did what we could to keep her comfortable and content.

Friday, after a rather rough night, Emmalyn was still running a fever that was staying more in the 102 range and getting higher. Tylenol was not working and all she wanted was to be held (which is extremely uncharacteristic of both girls). Luckily Jeff's mom came to the rescue and snuggled and held her while I took care of Brooklyn and Emersyn (the girls I babysit). At around 2:00 pm I took Emmalyn's temperature, for about the 100th time or so it seemed, and it was above 103. I knew that something just wasn't right, that it had to be more than "shot side effects". So I called the doctor's office again and they told me to bring her in. After being checked it was concluded that Emmalyn had the beginnings of an ear infection. We received a prescription for some antibiotics.

The first time taking the medicine ended up in Emmalyn and Jeff covered in baby throw up followed by a shower for both. But she has done pretty well with it ever since. She still hates the medicine and fusses the whole time we're trying to give it to her, but it seems to be working. She's regaining her energy slowly but surely and finally getting her appetite back as well. The evenings are still a bit rough, but last night she slept through the night without too much moaning in her sleep.

Emmalyn's "I'm tired/pouty" look.

Emmalyn's preferred sleeping position the past few days.

We're hoping to have her fully back to her normal, smiley, happy self soon. Needless to say I think we've survived our first major sickness fairly well.