Sunday, June 22, 2008

Texture and Painting...oh so fun!

Well we have finished our second week of working on the town home and we are right on schedule! It was a long busy week spending every night at the town home doing whatever task needed to be done that night. Jeff's mom and sister helped us out a lot. We couldn't be more grateful for their help and support.

Jeanette's parents came up on Friday and helped us that night to do the priming and final preparations for the actual painting. The worst was the oil based primer in the staircase to cover the wood paneling. I think we were all a little tipsy after smelling those fumes, especially Jeff who was the one doing the top of the staircase on the ladder! Saturday morning we started bright and early (for us anyway...8 am) and painted the day away. We took a short break from 11:30 till about 1:30 for Bella's, our now 2-year-old niece's, birthday party. We got the living room and hallway completely done. The two bedrooms just need a second coat, and we need to finish painting the kitchen and bathrooms.

We're feeling great about how everything is turning out and we get more and more excited every time we finish a new main task.

This week we plan to finish painting at least the kitchen and maybe, hopefully, the bathrooms. Also pack and be moved out of the apartment by Saturday afternoon! We have high hopes of getting it all done in good time!

Here are some pictures from this last week...I kept forgetting my camera so there's not as many as I would like, but you'll get the general idea! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My new "job"

Hey everyone, well a majority of you already know, but I have signed on to be an Avon Representative! I am all signed up and ready to go. So you you are ever interested in purchasing something let me know. For those that know me, know that Avon has made me LOVE to wear makeup...that's how wonderful I think it is. But it's not just make up, Avon has great skin care, hair care, clothes, and accessories. I even have my own Avon Website! You can order products straight from the site and choose to either have them sent to me or sent you. If you live out of town and prefer to still get the items through me (I give discounts :) )you can just click direct order and it'll send the order to me so I can order it for you and then deliver it myself!

I have promised myself that I will NOT become one of those annoying sales people that constantly bug people. If you want something great, if not great! If you have questions I'm here and more than willing to help out. Avon also has a great return policy so if you're nervous about trying something, don't be! Try it and if you don't like it send it back for a full refund!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Official home owners...FINALLY!!!

Well as you read's official, we are HOME OWNERS!!!

The week went rather well and a lot smoother than I thought. We signed for the house on Tuesday, I began the summer conference for work at 6:30 Wednesday and ended on Thursday at about 5. We got the keys on Thursday and were busy right away. I took some before pictures, but for sake of time have just added them in with pictures of the first project.

Project #1: Take down popcorn ceiling.
It actually wasn't nearly as difficult as we thought it was going to be. After a few sprays with water, soaking for about 10 minutes then taking the scrappers to the ceiling and it came down rather easy-cheesy!!! :)
Thanks to all our friends that helped us was so much fun and a lot easier having the people there to help! I know we'll get the chance to return the favor sometime!
Here are some pictures of the great event!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Busy, busy times

This month is just going to be one heck of a month. We started out last week with kind of a rough week...very stress and anxiety induced! I (Jeanette) have been busy at work with a huge summer conference for my main supervisor. I even came in late one night just finish making some copies and stuff...ya it's that crazy! Jeff has also had quite the work load on of team members switched positions and now Jeff had been having a lot of the other guys work load dumped on him...I think he kinda enjoys it though, he was always complaining about how boring and slow work always was.

We did have some really good times though. Monday we went and played pool with some friends...the same place we went the night that we met. Thursday we went to the temple with Nathan & Angela and Dustin & Christy. I love the temple so much, it's so peaceful and serene. It was definitely MUCH needed! Saturday Jeff took me to go see the play "Wizard of Odd" and the Desert Start's a theater known for taking the most normal of plays and basically doing spoofs of them. They can be very funny and just nice to go and enjoy the nice relaxing can even order food and drinks (you sit at little tables). We also went to help Dustin and Christy out for a little bit, then went to a bbq with them to a friend of theirs...which ended in us gaining a few new friends!!! Which I always love :) The Sunday we enjoy dinner at Jeff's mom's house and enjoyed the evening over there.

Now for this! It's going to be interesting to see how it all plays out. We're closing on our town home tomorrow (Tuesday) and as soon as we get the keys the work will begin. Our first task - the ceiling. It currently is a popcorn ceiling (a.k.a. cottage cheese ceiling), so we're scraping that down (if anyone wants to help let us know...we'll take ALL we can get :) ), then we borrowed a texture thingy from our cousins in Idaho, so we'll texture the ceiling and the walls and then paint. We are also replacing the all of this is gonna take the course of the month. Luckily we're still able to stay in the apt until June 30th so we won't be living in all the fumes and dust!!!

Anyway...just had to let all of that out! We will post pictures of our town home as soon as we can. We'll also do some before and after pictures!