Sunday, May 23, 2010

Path of destruction

It's official...our girls are quickly becoming mobile, and leaving paths of destruction in their wake. Emmalyn mainly sticks to rolling, but she's starting to try and scoot forward a bit. Brooklyn also does a lot of rolling, but she has discovered how to scoot herself forward. She only scoots when she wants something though, if she's just trying to get somewhere then she'll roll. But it's not long before she discovers that she can get anywhere/anything she wants by scooting, then we're really in trouble!! Here are a few pictures that I've taken when catching them red-handed...incidentally they all happen to be of Emmalyn, but Brooklyn also does her fair share of destruction.
Emptying out the diaper sack and playing with the diapers

In case you can't tell, it's one of those things that you put the rings around the peg in order of size. She'd be sitting and playing very quietly and I checked on her to see that she had gotten the peg apart from the base...
Then proceeded to chew on it :)
Speaking of chewing, I forgot the mention that as of today Emmalyn has her two bottom teeth and Brooklyn has one of her bottom teeth, with the second soon to follow.

Peas in a pod

One fun thing (among many others) about having twins is they always have someone to play with, and boy do these girls love to play together. I definitely think that they can communicate with one other in their own special way. My favorite is when they'll both be sitting or laying on the floor together and will be "talking" and laughing away with each other. I just hope that as they grow up they will continue to be the best of friends. Here are some cute pictures of our beautiful girls together.

Monday, May 10, 2010

9 months old!!

Yes, you read that right...Emmalyn and Brooklyn are 9 months old!! I can hardly believe that in just 3 short months they'll be a year old. They had their check up last week and here are their stats:

Emmalyn - 16 lbs 11 oz, 26 1/2 in

Brooklyn - 16 lbs 9 oz, 26 1/2 in

The girls are growing up so fast and learning new things all the time. They're both great at sitting up now and are starting to scoot around a little. They still don't have any teeth, but they're getting very close. Emmalyn's newest trick is clapping and Brooklyn's is clicking her tongue. Very cute to watch both tricks.

Anyway, here are some pictures to document their 9 month "birthday"

I left Brooklyn on the changing mat to go throw away her diaper and this is what I came back to.

Emmalyn's action shot of her clapping.

The other night we put the girls in the bath together for the first time..they LOVED it, and lets just say I got soaked!!

Brooklyn chillin in our bed one morning. That's one big bed for such a small girl.

The girls' hair has been getting really long, so this morning I decided to try and put their hair in pony tails...this was the result. I think it's rather cute :)