Thursday, May 28, 2009

A small update...

Just wanted to write a quick update. I went to the doctor again yesterday...sadly no ultra sound, but still a good check up. I passed my glucose test with flying colors :) and I'm growing and gaining weight normally. Both girls had good strong heartbeats. So things are still going really well. I go back again in two weeks for another ultra sound and doctor visit.

I definitely feel the babies on a daily/regular basis. You can even see some or their stronger kicks, as they make my belly go all funky. They definitely do NOT like their space invaded, if anything is putting pressure on my stomach they have a tendency to "push" or kick back...sometimes it takes them a bit, but they eventually start. Jeff can feel them really good now too. Here's the most recent belly pick...24 weeks!!
And finally here is a picture of our BEAUTIFUL table that my "little" brother Neal made for us in his wood shop class. It ended up being his senior project and, as far as I know, he got an A+!! He better have because this table is amazing!! It's a little big for the space that we have for it, but we don't care. It took us awhile but we did find some chairs for it as well. So here is our beautiful "dining room" complete with table and chairs!!
Thanks again Neal, we love you!!
The table there is 6 feet long...we can add another foot on each end as well!!

Well that's about it for now...we've both been extremely busy at work lately which makes for some very uneventful evenings as we're both tired by the time we're done with work...then again there are nights when we're restless and itching to be out of the house, it just depends :) But we're finally going to get a bit of a vacation. We're heading to Caliente/Panaca for Neal's graduation and then up to Heber City for a Smith Family Reunion...we're definitely ready for the break and exciting to see all of my family.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pregnancy thoughts...

I have had a few things on my mind lately about this adventure called pregnancy....So I thought I'd write them down and share. They are in no particular order, and I apologize if they seem somewhat scatterbrained, but I have two little girls in my belly stealing all my brain cells!!

First off let me say that I have felt pretty lucky throughout this pregnancy so far. I haven't been sick, except for the occasional nausea when I didn't eat for long periods of time. For those that did get sick...especially REALLY sick...and I know you're out there, I'm sorry. I can't imagine what it would've been like! I hope I never have to find out :) That's one of the reason's I was so surprised about the twins was that I was hardly ever sick. Anyway, here we go...

- Pregnancy makes you tired and I mean exhaustedly tired. I can get a full 8 hours of sleep, wake up feeling pretty decent (never really fully rested though), and be ready to go back to bed by the time I've taken a shower and gotten ready for the day...not fun when I have to go to work in the morning! Even on the weekends when I sleep for ten hours I still never feel completely rested. I think I've pretty much forgotten what it feels like to have energy...and I doubt I'll feel that way again for quite awhile! I remember being 19 and 20 and feeling better rested after only 3-4 hours of sleep...well that sure doesn't happen. If I don't get at least 6 hours I'm pretty much useless for the day, and even at 6 hours I'm not very productive...and I've stopped drinking caffeine while I'm pregnant too...I know I didn't really HAVE to, but it was/is a person choice that I have made.

- Random aches and pains...I don't quite know what to think. Poor Jeff has seen me, so many times, walking along just fine then suddenly have to stop and bend over because one of the girls has kicked/punched/jabbed something somewhere not so fun. Or when one, or both, of the girls have positioned themselves in some way that makes things really unpleasant and uncomfortable for me. Don't get me wrong, I love to feel them move and be able to feel the random hard spots on my belly when one of them is protruding something outward...but sometimes it just plain HURTS!! Oh and the stretching...don't get me started on the stretching! Stretching muscles, stretching ligaments, stretching skin, and who knows what else! Let me just say, I feel like I don't even have stomach muscles anymore because they are so stretched out...I can't even sit up without help anymore!!

- Forgetfulness and clumsiness is extremely annoying. I'm one of those people that likes to be organized and's kind of hard to keep that up though when someone tells you something or asks you to do something and you forget before you can grab a pen and paper and write it down. Lucky for me I have a very patient and understanding boss...she puts up with me so wonderfully! The clumsiness...well Jeff gets a good kick out of it, especially now that I'm getting big enough that it's hard for me to bend over and pick up what I've dropped. But he's not a big fan of when I'm knocked off balance and trying not to fall over, at least I haven't gone all the way to the ground...yet!

- Random questions and comment from random people...and the occasional awkward hand gestures towards my tummy, luckily no random stranger has actually touched it, yet. I don't mind so much when it's people I know, I almost expect it from them - especially when I make comments about the babies moving and/or kicking. But people that I don't know...honestly, haven't you ever heard of personal boundaries?! And let me tell you, I can have a pretty BIG personal bubble when I have no clue who you are! I do love the reactions I get from people when I say I'm having twins...I've had everything from a person flat out laughing at me to someone backing away a step or two and looking absolutely frightened (couldn't quite figure out why, maybe they thought I was contagious?).

- Kicks and fetal movements are the best, well most the time. I love feeling the girls move around in there, though I can't really differentiate which one is which quite yet. I did get to feel one of them have hiccups a few days ago...what was even more exciting was that they got strong enough that Jeff could feel them. It's a huge reassurance to me that they're still doing well in there!

- I love, LOVE when Jeff tries to interact with the girls. Of course, it's usually around 8:00 at night when I'm finally able to lay down for a bit and am trying to wind down before I go to bed. For the most part the twins have been kind of funny about him feeling them. They'll be moving and rolling and kicking but as soon as I got a hold of Jeff's hand and it put it on my belly they'd stop...silly girls! But as they grow bigger and stronger it's getting easier to feel them more regularly and Jeff is being able to feel them more now too.

- Personalities...they already have them! After the 4-5 ultra sounds that we've had thus far I can already point out certain characteristics of each baby. Baby A (no we don't have set names yet, so they continue to be baby 'A' and baby 'B') is the stubborn, shy one. In every single ultra sound she's given the tech a hard time measuring at least one thing. The last one she was hiding her face - we couldn't get a profile shot at all! She did show us that she can yawn, but we could not get that profile shot. She was also all scrunched up so they had a fun time trying to measure her. Baby B is the show off and more dominant one. She is always moving around and kicking about when we have an ultra sound. In fact in this last one she was moving around so much that the tech had a hard time checking her heart and getting a solid heart beat. The tech would find it then try to zoom in to see it better and baby B would move so the tech would have to try all over again! Plus she was all stretched out and just having a ball!

- The miracle that really is pregnancy. It is truly amazing to me, the whole process is just truly a miracle. It honestly has strengthened my faith in the Lord and even more so how He has looked out for us in so many different ways. We are so blessed to be surrounded so many friends and family that are here to support us and help us in the ways that we need. Thank you to all of you for all that you have done and continue to do!

Anyway...those are just some random thoughts I've been having lately and writing/typing them is how I get them out!

I also want to take a moment and express my appreciation and love to Jeff. He is so good to me (and the girls). Yes he gives me a hard time and keeps me on my toes, as always, but he's always very good to help me out and support me when and where I need it. He is an amazing man and an even more amazing husband and I'm truly grateful to have him as my eternal companion!
I love you!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ultrasound 5/6/09 - 21 weeks

We had yet another ultra sound today. Both babies are weighing about a pound each and are measuring normally. Baby A continues to be the more stubborn one, always giving the techs a hard time measuring at least one thing. Baby B was really active, moving around and being a little show off! We saw both babies open and close their was too cute :)

Here is another picture of me (Jeanette) just taken today at 21 weeks. My belly feels like it gets bigger every day. I feel the girls move on a daily basis and love it...except when they hit a nerve or something just wrong and that's not so fun!! I still feel tired the majority of the time...especially when things are really busy at work, which they have been. Jeff is so good to help me out with things, I'm truly lucky to have such an amazing husband!! He loves to talk to the girls, and does so on a daily basis, and tries to interact with them and feel them...unfortunately they like to stop moving as soon as his hand reaches my belly. Silly girls!!