Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And we're back in action!

We know, we know...we've been MIA for awhile, but that's all because we didn't have our computer up and we didn't have the Internet for awhile! But we're back up and running and back into the blogging world once again!

It's been a long couple of months trying to get everything done with the house, but we are finally there!!! We are moved in, experience first-home-owners anxieties and just getting used to the fact that we are home owners now!

No we're not completely unpacked and settled, but we are slowly but surely getting there. After finishing up the house and moving in our motivation has slowed down and dwindled just a bit, but we still get a few things done here and there.

Anyway, there are a few different posts all with pictures from different events that took place throughout the past couple of months, so enjoy those and let us know what you think by leaving some comments!

Thanks again to all those who came and helped us out in all the many different ways that you did!

The ones you've all been waiting for!

Well, as you all know we have been moved into our house for almost three weeks now. But haven't had the Internet set up until now. So, as I have gotten many requests (if not demands :) )to post pictures of our floors...Here they are!

Jeff's cousins KC and McKay both do hardwood flooring, so they were kind enough to come down and install a hardwood floor for us. We did hardwood on the entire first level, except in the laundry area we did tile. Then we also got brand new carpet for upstairs and tile in the main bathroom upstairs as well. Everything turned out great and looks amazing.

The weekend that KC and McKay came down actually turned into a family get together, resulting in cousins from Richfield coming up as well. It was a fun, hot weekend.

Thank you so much KC and McKay for all your help, the floor is absolutely beautiful!

Here are the MUCH requested pictures!

The Aquarium

Through the midst of all of the working (both at our jobs and on the house) Jeff and I tried to take a few days off to let our bodies have a rest. On one of these particular nights I decided to surprise Jeff and take him to the local aquarium. It was nothing major, just a small little aquarium that had a lot of fish native to Utah, but also a few other more "exotic" fish. We even were able to touch some sting rays and some other more odd sea animals. It was a lot of fun. After we got done there we also went to dinner at a yummy restaurant and just enjoyed the night out!

Littlewood Family Reunion

In the mix of everything, we took about 5 days off and went up to Bear Lake on the border of Utah and Idaho for the Littlewood Family Reunion. The Littlewood's are Jeff's mom's side of the family.

Between four-wheeling, food, the beach, food, swimming, food, horse shoes, food, four-wheeling, and food we had a great time. Jeff and I were in charge of it this year, and with the help of KC and Val we got all the food and stuff up there. It was a great time. So nice to just kick back and relax and have no expectations. And the weather was great! Not too hot, not to cool...just right! Except the day we were at the beach we had some of those deceptive clouds and a few people turned into lobsters. It was still a great time had by all!

Kent's blessing

Through all of our craziness in getting things done and family get togethers, we had the opportunity to drive up to Malad, ID and attend the blessing of Kent Martin Petersen, Jeanette's cousin's son. It was so amazing to feel of the spirit in the meeting and knowing that the Lord was there blessing the beautiful baby boy...oh sorry HANDSOME baby boy.

We continue to spend time with them regularly and Jeff loves holding and playing with Kent any chance he has. We were just over their last night and he's definitely getting bigger and chunkier and gaining his personality. His new trick -- talking! It was so cute to hear him just talk and coo away last night!

Thanks Ty and Marianne for all you've done for us and helped us with, and letting us play with Kent!

Here are a few pictures-

Just some random events!

Here are some pictures of just some random stuff that I got pictures of. There's the day we moved out the the apartment (what a glorious day that was), the day we went to Lagoon for our 6-month anniversary (thanks to I found some really cheap tickets!!), and just some other random days that something funny was going on or I just got camera happy :)


Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hey guys, this last weekend we moved into our townhome :). We have boxes lined up everywhere with only the bed and a few clothes in place. We need to unpack and get a little organized. It is a great feeling to be a homeowner and have a place to call home. We'll get pics of it online as soon as possible.