Monday, February 6, 2012

New Years and January 2012

New Years weekend was fun. Jeff's brother John and his family came up for the weekend and we had a lot of fun.

Friday we started things off by taking the kids to a bounce house place. They had a ton of fun!
Emmalyn on the big bounce "pillow".

Brooklyn in the jungle gym area.

Saturday we all went to Hollywood Connections and had lots fun. The girls had a lot of "firsts" there too. First time mini golfing, first roller coaster, and first magic show. They had a blast and were running around all over the place. They even gave everyone in the mini golfing area quite a show when they decided to start dancing to a song that was playing, it was really cute!! Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to get a video :( Here are some pics

Emmalyn and Aunt Jen


Tired, worn out little girls!!

In the beginning of January our whole family managed to catch a pretty nasty cold. We had a few days of laying around the house in our pj's watching movies and cartoons all day. Both girls ended up with ear infections, which was a first for Brooklyn and she was NOT a fan!!

Yet another first for the girls happened this month. We were invited to a movie with some good friends of our from our ward. If you look back at posts from during the summer you will see a lot of posts about our girls playing with their twins. This was the girls' first movie!! They actually did really well. Emmalyn got a little restless towards the end, but all in all it was a good, fun experience.

I just have to mention about these dresses. One of my sisters also has a set of twin girls who are now 5 years old. Anyway, the dresses that Emmalyn and Brooklyn are wearing in this picture and the dresses that my sister's girls wore at my and Jeff's wedding!!

Another BIG thing that happened at the end of January is the girls got potty trained!! I was only going to work with Emmalyn because Brooklyn had shown no interest whatsoever in using the potty. However, when she saw Emmalyn going to the bathroom on the potty and then getting a treat for doing so, Brooklyn was gun-ho about it. She has done amazing and it's so nice to be done with diapers. This is just a cute picture I snapped of Brooklyn while she was using the potty once...she looks so comfy!

February has started out rather crazy. Jeff had been working a contract position over the holidays and that ended Jan. 31, so he's been back home with us during the day. Then on Feb 3 I ended up having to take him to the ER and he had to have an emergency surgery done to take out his appendix. He also ended up having to stay an extra day at the hospital because he had some problems getting the junk from the anesthetic out of his lungs which caused his oxygen levels to be low. He is home now and recovering well. He's still pretty sore and tired, which is to be expected, but it drives him crazy. I just tell him that now he knows how I felt when I was on bed rest!!

December 2011

December was a good, but busy month. We celebrated Jeff's birthday and did a lot of stuff with family and friends. I didn't get pictures of everything but here are some that I did get.

First off we went to the Festival of Trees. It was pretty cool and fun to see all the different "themes" people had to decorate the different trees.Denver Broncos (for Joe, Tyler, & Shayler)

M&M's (for my Dad)

The girls admiring the Barbie tree


Next was the Santa Run! On the first weekend of December my parents, my sister and her family came up for the "Santa Run". Imagine hundreds of people dressed up in Santa suits running a 5K. We had three generations from our family participate...
(L-R) Tyler (my nephew), Joe, Marie, Matti, Alma, and my Dad.

Emmalyn and her Papa

Our cheering section.

It was a really fun weekend, and the girls loved seeing their Grandma and Papa Smith and their cousins.

The next "event" was decorating the tree. I'll admit, this didn't get done until the Tuesday before Christmas!! The girls had a blast and had to have the lights on at all times.
B - left, E - right

Santa left some great presents!

My Christmas Angels.

Thomas family, Christmas 2011

One of my gifts from Jeff was tickets to the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert here in SLC. It was AMAZING!! I loved it. I tried to take a few pictures during the show, but they all turned out horribly. So the only photo you get is one of the stage before the show started :)

Jen & Adam Wedding 11-11-11

On November 11, 2011 we had the wonderful opportunity of witness and participating in the wedding of Jeff's sister Jen and her husband Adam. The girls were the most adorable flower girls and Jeff walked Jen down the aisle. Here are some pictures from the blessed day!

 Brooklyn getting her hair done

Coming down the stairs to line up.

Dropping pedals for Jen 

Brooklyn giving Adam kisses 

These are some cute pictures of the girls with their Great Grandma Ivy.
                                           Brooklyn                                                 Emmalyn

The bride, Jen, and the girls all in their "Princess" dresses! 

Our little family. 

Tired girls after a long day 

Brooklyn sporting her pj's and my heels.

The wedding and reception were absolutely beautiful. The girls love Jen and Adam and wanted to be by then most of the day, especially during the reception. They loved wearing their Princess Dresses, and loved that Jen was wearing a Princess Dress too. We are so happy for Jen and Adam!!