Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Double the mischief, double the fun!

Well it appers that we are all finally healthy least for now! The girls and I went through another round of colds last week, but we all seem to be over them. Of course now we're moving on with more teething, growth spurts, and learning new things. One of the new things is a new love for books. They've always loved books but it was more to chew on them than read them, now they actually love to read them...a LOT. They're constantly crawling over with books in their hands wanting you to read it and usually whichever one didn't bring the book over will crawl in your lap to be read to also. The girls have also discovered the dishwasher, washing machine, and drier and any chance they have they'll go and "help" us with them. They've also learned that they can climb...on LOTS of things, and if they can't climb up on to it they'll try to push something else up to it give them a boost. And the best (and probably also the scariest) of all is standing/walking!! Emmalyn has pretty much mastered standing, she's even taken a few steps on her own. The most she's taken at one time is 5. Brooklyn is just now starting to try and stand on her own, so I know that she's only gonna be a couple of weeks behind Emmalyn. Anyway, here are some pictures of two of the cutest girls ever!!


Reading "on the pot" (as Jeff says)

She found her way into the pantry/under-stairs closet.

Toilet paper and flip flops - what more could a girl need?

Standing on her own!!

She loves to crawl into the toy basket

Helping with the dishes at Grandma's house

Yes, she discovered the art of picking her nose!

She got in there all by herself...such a poser!

Best friends!
Looking out the back door

Reading books together