Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ultrasound on March 16, 2009

Well we got the scanner up and running so here are the pictures of our babies (that's still weird to say!)

The top two pictures are Baby A and the bottom two are Baby B

Monday, March 16, 2009

A roller coaster of emotions...

Today has been a rather interesting day...full of tears, laughs, amazement, nerves, and everything in between.

After a great weekend trip down to Vegas for a cousin's wedding, then to Caliente, NV to see Jeanette's brother be ordained an Elder is was quite the ending to our lovely vacation.

After we got home last night (Sunday) Jeanette started to have a little bit of spotting and bleeding, which at first wasn't much, but proceeded to get worse. So after a rough night of waking up constantly, finally calling an on-call nurse at about 1 a.m. and being told to wait until morning and call to schedule an appointment, unless it gets MUCH worse...we were in pretty tough shape this morning. I called the doctor's office and scheduled an appointment, but also found out that my particular doctor was the one on call this morning. So I did call her and got her opinion. She basically said that there's not point in having a regular appointment because they'd more than likely just schedule an ultra sound for a few days later anyway. So instead she called and got me in for an ultra sound right away. So we got ready and headed to the hospital.

Once there we got all our information in and was set to wait in the waiting room. it was probably to worst waiting experience we've ever had!! We eventually got called back and got into the room. The ultra sound tech asked us what we were needing the ultra sounds for so we told her and on went the goop!! After a few minutes of looking around she told us that she couldn't find anything wrong and no serious reasons for the bleeding but then she moved the paddle to a certain spot and said "But here is baby one...and here's baby 2." It took a second for that to sink in and once it did all we could do was laugh and just sit there in awe. The tech continued to look around and measured the babies and their heart beats and checked everything out. After she was finished she went and talked to the doctor. The doctor came back in to talk with us and timidly congratulated us (I'm sure we looked pretty freaked out!) and said that she was glad everything seemed to be going well. She told us that she did want to show us something though, and once again our heart leaped into our throats. She said it was nothing terribly bad. So she went back on the ultra sound and found what she was looking for. She then showed us that there was actually a third sac where a THIRD baby was, but it didn't take. Couldn't tell why it didn't, but ya. It was a very bitter sweet thing to hear...we'd probably a lot more freaked out and nervous if there were three babies instead of two. So we're actually quite excited about all this.

As I said, it was quite the emotional roller coaster. In 24 hours we went from 1 baby, to the fear of no baby, to two babies, to three babies, then back down to two babies!! We are just happy that both babies are growing normally and appear to be healthy. We still won't be able to find out the gender for another 5-6 weeks, but we'll be sure to post as soon as we know.

We did get a few pictures, but our scanner isn't once it's up and going I'll get those on here.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A small glimpse at a miracle...

Well folks the time has come (finally) that we are happy to announce:


Yes that is right, we have a little baby on the way! We are so excited and are looking forward to this new step in life that we are taking. We actually just heard the heartbeat for the first time this afternoon. It was such an amazing and humbling experience. It was our small glimpse at OUR little miracle. :) The whole thing just seemed so surreal and the doubts were coming, but now we have just that little more proof that there's really a little human being developing in there.

As for me, well I'm 12 weeks almost done with the first trimester. I haven't got sick hardly at all (sorry for those that did get really sick), as long as I keep food in my stomach I'm good to go. I have been overwhelmingly tired though and no longer enjoy pasta :( Hopefully that will pass!!

I will add pictures later of how we told our families...we had a little fun with it all :) But for now I'm just too tired!! (Imagine that)