Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wheeler Farm

Last weekend we had some really pretty days, but we hadn't gotten our new passes to the zoo, so I took the girls to Wheeler Farm. It's a family farm here in the middle of the city and people can just go and see the animals, have picnics, etc and it's all free. There are hay rides and classes/workshops but those you have to pay for. Anyway, I love going in the Spring because that's when all the new baby animals are there. I guess it's still a little early in the Spring for too many, but there were a few and I'm gonna be sure to go back because we saw a few VERY pregnant momma animals there.

Emmalyn loved the animals and being able to go right up to their cages and see them, which is unusual for her...she usually shies away/gets scared of them. Not this time though!

Pointing at one of the goats

Looking at one of the adorable lambs!

Brooklyn, on the other hand, preferred to stay in the stroller. Not necessarily because she was afraid of the animals, but more because she LOVES our "new" stroller. I found a Sit'N'Stand stroller on KSL for $50 and Brooklyn would probably sleep in it if I let her, okay that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. She knows that we keep the stroller in the back of the van, and EVERY time we go anywhere she goes straight to the back of the van, pounds on the back door of the van and asks to get the "oller" out. She'll even throw a fit when we tell her not this time. So here's where she spent the time at Wheeler Farm...

...until we got to the duck/geese pond. A lady gave us a loaf of bread and the girls thought it was awesome to throw the bread and watch the ducks come and eat it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter 2011 - Caliente, NV

As mentioned in the last post, I took the girls down to Caliente the few days before Easter. Thanks to some good friends Jeff was able to join us late Friday night, just in time for all the fun Easter festivisties! They started out Saturday morning with egg coloring. Cory, Melissa, and their boys came over to join us. This is the first year the girls were really able to participate. They were a little leary about it at first, but after they realized what we were doing they had a lot of fun.

Emmalyn's first egg

Brooklyn's first egg

Emmalyn has this thing were she likes to "hide" things and ask where it went. Well putting the eggs in the darker colors was no exception! Whenever we'd put an egg in color she'd put her hands up an say "Go?!" Jeff was able to get this cute picture of her doing that.

Next was the Easter Egg Hunt, put on by the Caliente Rotary Club. They section off the park and put the kids in age groups. Once again the girls didn't really seem to care what was going on at first, but once they realized that they could run out and pick up the eggs they were hard to slow down.



Of course, I let the Easter Bunny know we were gonna be in Caliente, so the girls were able to get some goodies in their baskets!

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Smith

The week before Easter was my mom's spring break, so the girls and I went down for the last half of the week. The girls did fairly well on the trip and we had a wonderful visit with my parents, my brother Cory, his wife Melissa, and their 3 boys. The girls LOVED having some boys to rough and tumble with and spent as much time as I would let them outside. Anytime Grandpa was home they were his little shadows, and they loved to snuggle with Grandma and go for walks.

On the way down we made a pit stop at my sister Marie's house. Her kids were all too willing to play with the girls and let them get their wiggles out after being in the car for a few hours! Santa was very nice to them this past Christmas and got them a trampoline, and the girls decided to give it a try. At first Emmalyn was a little scared and overwhelmed (of course it didn't help that there were a lot of bigger kids on there with her) but I put her on again when there was only one or two other kids on it and she LOVED it. She would get so excited that instead of bouncing she would just wave arms like she was trying to fly, it was so cute! Here are a couple of pictures...

Of course trampolines make AWESOME hair-dos.

Brooklyn with her cousin Veronica.

After a couple hours of playing with their cousins in Cedar City we headed to Caliente. Here are some pictures from our adventures there.

Singing on the swing set.

Brooklyn found Grandma's lipstick in her purse...beautiful!

Grandpa's little helpers!

Walking up by the Depot

Grandpa took them for a ride in his Rhino, they LOVED it and didn't want to get out!

My parents don't have a dishwasher so doing dishes the "old fashion" way was a favorite with the girls. They always wanted to help whoever was doing the dishes.

Thanks again Mom and Dad for little us come and stay with you for those few days and for letting the girls tear apart your house! :)